Dermatoses of pregnancy

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Dermatoses of pregnancy
SpecialtyDermatology, obstetrics

Dermatoses of pregnancy are the inflammatory skin diseases that begin during pregnancy or shortly after childbirth.[1]

Atopic eruption of pregnancy

Atopic eruption of pregnancy is a group of inflammatory skin conditions in pregnancy, covering those with flare-ups of pre-existing skin conditions and those presenting with skin signs for the first time in pregnancy.[2]

Condition Image Onset in pregnancy Signs and symptoms Treatment Frequency Outcome
Eczema of pregnancy
Prurigo gestationis PMC4318058 IJD-60-28-g006.png Worse in early pregnancy[3] Itchy skin.[3] The skin appears normal in 15%-20%[3]
Pruritic folliculitis of pregnancy Pruritic folliculitis of pregnancy2.png Mid-to late pregnancy[4] Small follicular pustules scattered widely over the trunk.[4] Resolves by 2 or 3 weeks after delivery.[4]


Condition Image Onset in pregnancy Signs and symptoms Treatment Frequency Outcome
Polymorphous eruption of pregnancy PUPPP 2007-05-06 left.jpg Late pregnancy, shortly after birth[4] Itchy red rash in striae of abdomen.[3] Moisturisers, steroid creams, antihistamines[2] 1:120–1:300 pregnancies[2] Usually resolves after delivery and rarely recurs in subsequent pregnancies with same partner.[3] Does not affect baby.[3]
Impetigo herpetiformis PMC2806392 1757-1626-2-9338-1.png Late[5] Fever, generalised redness, pustules[5] May harm baby[5]
Intrahepatic cholestasis of pregnancy Late[5] Generalized itching resulting in scratch marks, erosions and scabs[5] Ursodeoxycholic acid[5] Incidence - 0.3–5.6%[2] May harm baby[5]

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