Conjunctival melanoma

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Conjunctival melanoma
Conjunctival melanoma
SymptomsSmall or larger, dark brown colorless bump in eye[1]
ComplicationsSpread to lungs, liver, brain, and bone[2]

Conjunctival melanoma is a cancer in the lining of the inside of the eyelid or over the white of the eye.[1] It may be a small or larger bump, which arises suddenly or more frequently within a pre-existing spot.[1] It may be dark brown or have no color at all.[1] Characteristically, blood vessels are seen feeding into the cancer.[1]

It can spread to the lungs and less frequently the liver, brain, and bone.[2]

It is rare.[2]

Signs and symptoms

Photomicrograph showing diffuse conjunctival melanoma encroaching on the cornea OS. Melanoma arising from primary acquired melanosis with atypia is shown


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