Borrelia recurrentis

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Borrelia recurrentis
Photomicrographic view of a culture specimen showing Borrelia recurrentis bacteria
Scientific classification edit
Domain: Bacteria
Phylum: Spirochaetota
Class: Spirochaetia
Order: Spirochaetales
Family: Borreliaceae
Genus: Borrelia
B. recurrentis
Binomial name
Borrelia recurrentis
(Lebert, 1874) Bergey et al., 1925

Borrelia recurrentis is a species of Borrelia, a spirochaete bacterium associated with relapsing fever.[1][2] B. recurrentis is usually transmitted from person to person by the human body louse.[3] Since the 1800s, the body louse has been known as its only known vector.[4]

B. recurrentis DNA was found in 23% of head lice from patients with louse-borne relapsing fever in Ethiopia. Whether head lice can transmit these bacteria from one person to another remains to be determined.[4]

It is notable for its ability to alter the proteins expressed on its surface, which causes the "relapsing" characteristic of relapsing fever.[5]

MGG stained thin film showing numerous spirochetes identified as Borrelia recurrentis


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