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Other names: Other specified lipoma[1]
Angiolipoma foot
SymptomsMultiple tender lumps just under the skin[1]
Usual onsetSecond/third decade of life[1]
PrognosisGood, typically do not recur[1]

Angiolipoma is a non-cancerous soft tissue tumor.[1] It generally presents as multiple tender lumps just under the skin, most frequently affecting the limbs and less commonly the trunk.[1]

The cause is unknown.[1] It has all other features of a typical lipoma.[2]: 624 [3] When surgically removed, it appears yellow-red with a capsule.[1] Under the microscope, it features mature adipocytes and branching vessels of capillary size, which typically contain fibrin thrombi.[1]

Males are affected more frequently than females.[1] Around 5% of cases run in families in an autosomal dominant manner.[1]

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It may appear similar to Kaposi sarcoma and angiosarcoma.[1]


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