Adult cellular rhabdomyoma

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Adult cellular rhabdomyoma
Diagram showing common location of rhabdomyoma
ComplicationsAbnormal heart beat[1]
Usual onsetAdults >20-years[2]
Diagnostic methodEchocardiography[1]

Adult cellular rhabdomyoma (ACR), is a noncancerous primary tumor of the heart, similar to other adult skeletal muscle tumors outside the heart and distinct from cardiac rhabdomyoma.[1] It typically occurs in peopl older than 2-years of age.[2]

Unlike cardiac rhabdomyoma, adult cellular rhabdomyoma is not associated with any syndrome, and does not have the "spider cells" with vacuoles, which are characteristic of cardiac rhadomyoma.[2] ACRs appear well defined, of uniform tan color, and protrude into the chambers of the heart.[2]

It is rare and accounts or less than 2% of soft tissue tumors.[1]


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