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Tracking requests

We will also track pending work here

Prior tech suggestions WikiProjectMed:Tech/Meta

[Top] Mirroring of Wikipedia

1) All pages will mirror Wikipedia until edited. When one clicks the view history button it will be possible to see the history of the page in question from WP. And when one hits talk one will also see the talk page as mirrored.

2) Once a page is edited it will bring over the history of the page with a line like

MDwiki _______________________________________________________________________ Wikipedia

That separates the edits that occured in the two different places

3) In certain cases one may want to turn back on mirroring for a page. This may work by deleting the page and then having a button under "more" that says "restore page mirroring". This will leave the ability to delete a page and have it remain deleted in the fork.

4) When a page is edited locally the talk page will also be brought into the fork. But if the talk page is edited locally the article will not be brought into the fork.

5) When a page is edited and thus brought into the fork, all the templates used for that page will also be automatically brought over. For example all the reference templates and infoboxes etc. As should the categories.

6) Might be useful to have the ability to switch between the fork version of any article and the current Wikipedia version of the article. Would make it easy to check functionaility / do updates.

Test site here / Code [1]

Other work

  •  Done[Low] (Phab ticket) Get access to VideoWiki
  •  Done [Low] (ticket) Add graph extension as used here
  • [Mid] (ticket) Allow iframe from OurWorldinData for example <iframe src="" loading="lazy" style="width: 100%; height: 600px; border: 0px none;"></iframe>[2] -> would this work.[3]
  • [Mid] (ticket) Add language links in the sidebar -> will need Wikidata functionality (ticket)
  • [Mid] Links to redirects do not work within ZIM. Thus change all links to redirects to links to the actual page.
  • [Low] Adjust mwoffliner to retry if first try fails.[4]
  • [Low] Add "Preview page with this template" [5]
  • [Low] Add desktop refresh (ie new Vector) -> Needs update maybe?
  • [Low] Will need to add "language settings" to the sidebar when languages are enabled
  • [Low] Allow embedding a calculator widget like [6]
  • [Low] (ticket) Add JsonConfig extension needed here

On hold

Work here is pending on other stuff

User script

Medication update script

  • Move identifiers to the bottom of the page such as this[7]
  • Add the heading <!--Names--> and add "pronounce", "tradename", and "synonyms" and "IUPAC_name" under it[8]
  • Create the heading <!--External links--> and add "" and "MedlinePlus" under it[9]
  • Add "class", "uses", and "side effects" under <!--Clinical data--> in that order. Add "defined_daily_dose" at the end of that section if not present[10]
  • Removed {{portal bar|Medicine}} if present
  • Create the heading <!-- Legal data --> if not present and add "legal_UK", "legal_US", "legal _status" under it[11]
  • Move / add "onset" and "duration_of action" after "routes_of administration" and before "defined_daily_dose"[12]
  • Add <!--External links--> and "NLM" at the top of the drug resources template[13]
  • If {{cite web | url = | publisher = U.S. National Library of Medicine | work = Drug Information Portal | title = XX }} is present remove it and add the value present in "title =" to the NLM value in the "drug resources" template. If the value is the same as the pagename add "PAGENAME"[14]

Potential collaborators

Finished work