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A box of the alpha version of Internet-in-a-Box ready to be shipped.
A 1 to 7 micro SD card duplicator to help with manufacturing at scale.

The cost of the hardware per unit is 40 USD with a 128 Gb SD card.

Global orders

  • You will then be contacted by email and given the paypal link through which to you can make payment.
  • Once payment is received the device will be shipped.


We have arranged someone to sell the South Asian version locally in India. Is avaliable from here. Cost is 30 USD with a 32 Gb card -> as of 2021 they are out of stock.


The device does not include a power supply. It is powered by a USB micro-B plug which can be picked up locally. To purchase a battery please visit your local vendor. Alternatively a battery can be purchased from with one option costing 18 USD.

The devices size is: Length = 13 cm, Width = 11 cm, Height = 2.5 cm, Weight = 0.035 kg.