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Lantern slide; Multiple chondromata of fingers. Wellcome L0028445.jpg
Multiple chondromata of fingers

A chondroma is a noncancerous cartilaginous tumor.[1]


Based upon location, a chondroma can be described as an enchondroma or ecchondroma.[citation needed]

  • enchondroma - tumor grows within the bone and expands it
  • ecchondroma - grows outward from the bone (rare)

Signs and symptoms

They can be single or multiple (Ollie's disease), and have a tendency to occur in fingers and toes where the bones are like tubes.[1][2]


Tumor cells (chondrocytes, cartilaginous cells) resemble normal cells and produce the cartilaginous matrix (amorphous, basophilic material).


A well-defined area of bone loss in the medulla of the bone is seen on x-ray.[1]


Treatment involves surgical removal of the tumor and bone grafted bone grafting.[1]

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